Monday, April 30, 2007

I need to get over this.....

Katie was in the front passenger seat. The right side was what took the impact with the cement culvert. Her seat was partially ejected but the crumpled frame pinned the bottom portion. I have no explanation how the four kids survived with only minor injuries except that God was with them.

Katie goes back to the ortho tomorrow, has an MRI on Thursday and is probably looking at some knee surgery ahead. Her attitude is wonderful. The boy with the facial injury has 4 breaks in his cheekbone and his orbit of his eye is destroyed. The surgery is scheduled for this Wednesday, I believe, to place pins in the cheekbone and re-build the socket. He has some nerve damage that hopefully will only be temporary. The good news is his vision is not affected.

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ginger said...

Katie is in my prayers. Looks like she is a walking miracle. I hope she realizes this.