Friday, April 20, 2007

Trying hard

I keep trying to post and Blogger eats it. Argh! I have so many wonderful and witty things to say (OK, just the plain ol boring stuff) and I can't get it to post!

Let's try breaking up the posts into smaller bits.

Part 1, Mommyhood My Way

Before I had kids, I thought that my kids would never be the ones on the floor screaming in the grocery store. No way. I would never allow that! Then I had Katie, and although she was a very easy child, I learned that a tired, hungry or over-stimulated toddler will break down at the precise moment that is the most embarrassing for you.

Katie was easy. She didn't fight bedtime, she ate what I gave her (although not a lot of it) and she was never sick. She was completely potty-trained at 2 yrs old with very little fuss. She talked early, was ahead in every way and was such fun. I felt completely confident in my parenting skills. I was totally comfortable with my mommy skills.

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