Monday, April 16, 2007

I love this picture of PBJ. She looked like she was falling asleep in the set of pictures I got, but in this one it looks like she is cracking up. She still has the most impossibly tiny nose and perfect little cupie-doll mouth. I would like to think that the headband is making her ears turn out at the tops, but I know they just do that on their own! The pictures came about a day after I had gotten a medical update. She is totally healthy! One thing I had to look twice at though, is they had her weight listed at 9 pounds. It caught me by surprise! Then I realized it had to be a mistake. She weighed almost 9 pounds at 1 month of age and all her pictures show her getting chubbier and bigger. I know she is a tiny little peanut, but not that small.


Melany aka Supermom said...

Gosh she is gorgeous. She is SUCH a little doll

ginger said...

She is too cute!! That is a priceless picture!!!