Friday, April 13, 2007

Fraudulent Activities

Well, many many people out in the adoption world are wondering what possibly could have casues the police and Attorney General's office to raid the adoption agency and seize their records? Hmm, how about matching someone to a child that is not legally available for adoption, taking a very large sum of their money, charging them for foster care and medical care, and never providing any information about the status of the case (which causes someone to have to hire a second set of attorney's to do what the agency was paid to do) Fifteen months later the child is still not legally available. Could that possibly be considered fraudulent?
How about this. Matching someone to a set of twins that they knew had already been matched to another family, taking the people's large sum of money, and then lying to the people that the birth mom took the kids back? Never refunding any money? Never getting them a child? Suing the parents for defamation of character when they told their story to others?
OK, how about one more. You list a child who is not legally available for adoption, lie to the interested family about the status of the child and who the facilitator is, then match the child, take the family's money and never give them any information about their case. Lie to the family that the child is in foster care, charge them foster fees, but the child has been in an orphanage all along. Only after hiring additional help do they find out the child is not legally available. Two years later the family is still fighting to adopt this child.
Could this be what is considered fraudulent? There is more, oh so much more. Things are about to get very, very ugly. Quick, I need to put on my life jacket and hang on tight!

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Krystal said...

OK, I knew that agency was bad, but I had no idea that they were THAT bad! I am so sorry for all of the families that have been taken advantage of - and for the precious children that have been caught up in this mess. I pray that these children can come home to their families very soon! Thank God for the "special attorneys", I know they have helped many people!