Sunday, July 22, 2012

Levi turns 9

Chris surprised Levi one Saturday with a trip to the motorcycle shop to buy a new helmet for his birthday. Since this requires careful fitting on his actual HEAD,  the gift wasn't that much of a surprise once they got there.

What Levi didn't know is that there was a specific reason he needed a new helmet, in addition to his head growing. (By the way, he is already into an adult sized helmet. Our little Jimmy Neutron head!)

Chris had him come out to the barn with the new helmet (like we could have gotten him to take it off) and sent him on a treasure hunt.

He looked and looked, but the treasure was well hidden.

Then he realized that a large tarp was draped over something.....a blue shiny wheeled something!

A new 4-wheeler!!!!

He was very happy and excited (and a wee bit nervous since this was a gas-powered machine)

Daddy showed him how to operate the clutch, gas and brakes.  Levi decided that riding in 1st gear at first would be a smart move since this one is so much bigger and more powerful than his old 4-wheeler.

 He quickly got the hang of it and started zipping around our land. Back behind the pond, past the trees, 
all over the place. 

 Too bad it was so beastly hot, but still, he had a blast!

Daddy snuck in a turn to test out the clutch and shifting. Seems it needs some adjustments but that's no problem for our own Mr. Fix-it.