Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Chris vs The Builder, Round Three cont.

Back to the issue of the bill. It was for $8,000.00 for the pad and dirt work under our foundation. No where is it listed that we would be charged separately for that. We had always assumed that was built into the price of the house. I mean, you wouldn’t buy a car and expect to pay extra for the tires! In fact, in the contract it only states that there could be 'additional costs associated with severely sloped property'. Ours was flat as a pancake with no trees to even remove. In all the months we have been working with this builder, and in all the months since they broke ground, not once has this been mentioned to us. Chris left them a voice mail message explaining our displeasure at this surprise cost. The builder wrote back a lengthy explanation and then told Chris that the builder had actually saved us money by deciding to use the clay from the site. Chris wrote a very polite but strongly worded reply. They are having a meeting about it later today. This is a meeting I am not attending. You see, I sort of lost it over this garbage. I was ranting and raving and saying we don’t need that stinkin house and we will sue them and they will never be able to sell it to anyone else. We will tie them up in litigation forever!!! Chris is afraid I might blow up at them. He is meeting them by himself. I told him to call me if he needs backup. Hee!

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