Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Updates continued

The girl got going way too fast (estimates by the neighbors said at least 60 mph in a 25mph zone) The boys in the back start screaming to slow down, she comes to a curve, jams on the breaks, slides sideways, hits the ditch and the car begins to roll. As it rolled, it hit a cement culvert on Katie's door, which popped the car into the air and it landed on it's side in a driveway. The girl got out and ran screaming for help. Katie crawled out through a small hole in the crushed windshield, the car caught on fire and neighbors got the two boys out.

Katie's mistakes: going with them without asking me for permission and not stopping the other girl from driving

The major mistakes though, were letting a young child drive all over, telling her how good she was and giving her a false sense of security about it. Then, handing the keys to a very powerful sports car to 4 kids was pure insanity.

Now the insurance company is calling daily wanting to come meet us and hash out a settlement. I told them I don't even want to talk to them until I know my daughter is going to be OK with no long term problems. She is my first priority. Numero uno. I know they want us to hurry and sign off before someone thinks up a lawsuit or something. I just want my daughter to be OK. Physically, emotionally, everything.

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M- said...

How very, very scary. Happy to hear she's alright.