Friday, April 20, 2007

Mommyhood, the end

So when Levi came along, I figured I was pretty wise by now. I had seen both sides of the coin. What I didn't realize is that I still had so much to learn. Levi is also easy. He's a happy, easy-going little guy. But, he does the strangest things. I can remember one time when he was repeatedly running head-first into the large kitchen trash can, bouncing off and falling hard onto the floor. This would cause him to giggle uncontrollably then get up and do it again. I was worried he was showing early signs of autism, but nanny just told me boys do things like that. Every toy becomes a bat to hit things with. We had to take away his t-ball set, toy tool set, light saber, everything because he uses them to hit everything with. Bang, bang, bang, all day long. He falls down, splat, and jumps up and yells 'I'm OK' and keeps running. Nothing stops him. And he doesn't eat. He's not picky, he will eat a wide variety of things, but in very very small quantities.

So what does the future hold for me? I know enough now to be able to predict that it will surprise me, but I am so looking forward to parenting more children. Each one teaches me so much. Each one is their very own person to love and enjoy, nurture and raise. The one thing I have truly learned is to relax and enjoy it. The big moments, the little moments, the hard moments. It all is so very special.

So my basic philosophy on parenting is 1) Relax and enjoy it. 2) Laugh. Learn to laugh at yourself and with your kids. Laughter can heal everything. 3) Be spontaneous at times. 4) Learn to let some things go while you just spend time with the kids. In 15 years you will not reflect back on how clean the bathrooms were, but you will remember the days at the park trying to fly a kite.


Krystal said...

Hey, Wendy -- thanks for sharing this great post!! Your advice is great, and I will try to apply it :) If there is one thing that I have learned so far, it is that your kids will always surprise you!!!

ginger said...

Your kids sound awesome. Now, we need to add 2 more really soon.