Tuesday, April 17, 2007

My computer has a Shrek infection....

I got up early today and downloaded photos from my camera. Then I copied them onto my Zip drive (antiquated, yes, but handy) and brought it to work to upload pictures on here. I plugged it in and waited for all the whirring and buzzing to stop, and then tried to access it. That's when my whole computer freaked out. Yesterday, I was trying to upload data and it began blinking and then a pop-up of Shrek appeared. It has been acting very odd over the past week or two. Could it possibly be that laying off most of our highly-skilled IT department might not have been such a great idea? The poor guys that are left are being worked to death. I'll post the pix from home later.

Levi was watching TV this weekend and saw someone do something wrong on the show. He said, "That guy is cheating. He is a failure." Hmmm, my brainwashing of him is coming along well! He is over his cold in record time. He has a little bit of a stuffy nose still, but that is about it. This time it didn't settle in his chest. Whew! He is so prone to pneumonia that I get paranoid everytime he gets a simple cold.

If I didn't have enough to keep me busy right now, I have picked up a new responsibility. I am now the Treasurer for the drill teams parent organization. See what happens when you don't go to the meetings? Today I have to swing by the school and pick up the books. Then I have to create new accounts for all the girls for next year and get the accounts updated with the charges for uniforms and the checks they have already written. I figure this is what I can do between the hours of 2am - 4 am when I can't sleep. A little accounting and excel work should make me drowsy!

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Natalie said...

Oh that cracks me up..."That guy is cheating. He is a failure"!!!!