Friday, April 20, 2007

Mommyhood cont.

Then came Ashley. Ashley, born with a digestive problem that caused intestinal bleeding when she was just days old. Who caught RSV and ended up in the hospital for a week when she was barely 6 weeks old. Who screamed, never slept, was continually sick for two years, and who didn't talk until she was 2 years old. Ashley challenged everything. Potty-training was a big NO. Eating, sleeping, even staying buckled in her car seat were constant battles. Redirection did not work, removing privileges did not work, time out, time in, holding, spanking (yes, I tried it, I was desperate!), ignoring behavior, nothing worked. She bit, hit, scratched and head-butted me when she didn't get her way. I suddenly realized that it had never been my superior parenting skills at all. I had just been LUCKY! Now don't get me wrong, Ashley is a joy. She has turned into an absolutely lovely young lady. But those early years? She chewed me up and spit me out.


Melany aka Supermom said...

Oh I could have written this...although mine is still a work in process. Two boys and they were SO easy. Man I thought I knew how...they never had tantrums. Perfect Angels...their youngest little brother is all of 15 months and has had so many tantrums I can't even count them lol much for parenting skills! ;)

Ellie Puls said...

Ok... SO, you just complete decribe Angelena... So how DID you ever stop it>