Thursday, April 26, 2007


The healing, both physically and emotionally are beginning for all of us. Katie is sore, but a lot of the pain is subsiding. Now she just has two major complaints, her lower back and her right knee. They couldn't fit her in for her MRI yesterday so hopefully today. She went to school for 3 hours yesterday. She refused to use the wheelchair. She would rather be in pain than look dorky. I guess that's a good sign. She definitely overdid it though, and is back in bed today. She was in so much pain she didn't get much sleep last night. So much for being cool! I talked to the girl's parents last night and they appear to feel no guilt or culpability in this situation. They just keep saying 'accidents happen'. I told Chris yesterday that now I am angry and having trouble dealing with it. I am angry at her parents, at the Grandmother who handed over the keys, and at myself for not protecting Katie more. I had this false sense of security. I asked all the questions I thought I should have. I trusted the other adults to make the right decisions. I never imagined that two 'little' girls could end up roaring around in a muscle car at night. I was worried they would be riding around on the father's golf cart annoying the neighbors. That was my biggest worry. Boy was I way off base.

The parents of the two brothers have pretty much shut down communication with everyone. I can't blame them. Our house has been like one giant open-house the last couple of days. There are flowers, balloons, cupcakes, cards, etc everywhere. Whatever I went through, they suffered it double. I want to call their Mom and just share and vent and tell her how much we have been thinking of them, but I think I will give it a few days. They are entitled to just cacoon for a while and begin to heal. Their one son was supposed to have reconstructive surgery on his face yesterday. I haven't heard how it went, but I hope it all turned out OK.


ginger said...

Glad to hear that Katie is healing. And you too. Hang in there. It will get better.

Krystal said...

I'm glad to hear that Katie is doing better, but she needs to make sure that she takes it slow and doesn't over do it again!!! Forget about being cool, you've got to give yourself some time to heal!

As far as the parents of the girl -give me a break!! Yes, accidents do happen, but the negligence of adults in this situation significantly increased the likelyhood that something bad would happen here! Unbeleiveable that they don't even acknowledge that!