Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Bring on the Buyers!

OK, first I have to admit that staging designers ROCK! I am sorry for all of my disparaging comments/thoughts on the subject. I am design impaired and I figured the staging person would come in and take one look, turn her nose up and then spend hours trying to turn my house into a showplace. Instead she was an awesome woman who pointed out ways to re-arrange what I had and where to maybe add a couple of inexpensive things for decoration. I spent Friday afternoon and all weekend doing everything I could that she had mentioned. The carpet didn't get put in until yesterday because of rain, but it's done now too. I plan on taking pictures to show everyone my wonderful new/old house! We just need to sign the contract with the realtor and get that sign in the yard and then bring on the buyers!

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Tracy said...

Good luck with selling your house. And what a sweet pic of Ahren. He's such a little cutie :).