Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Updates on Katie

Katie has a few more tests to determine the full extent of her injuries, but righ now we know she has a dislocated hip (which is back in place) 3 broken ribs, banged up knee, skin ripped off her neck by the seatbelt, and many bruises. She is going to have an MRI tomorrow for her lower back. They suspect there might be a disc injury. All in all, she is in very good spirits. We have had several good conversations about the poor decisions that led up to this. Here is how it happened.

Katie was going to spend the night at her friends house so she could go to church with them and play in a church volleyball tournament. I talked to the parents and the Grandmother to be sure of the plans. The parents were going out to dinner and the Grandma would stay with the kids. The girls were going to lay out by the pool and drive around on the golf cart, then watch a movie. They were tired becasue they had dance practice for 5 hours that day already. Later that evening, two neighbor boys came over to hang out. They decided they wanted to go to get Slushies, so they check with the parents to see if they could borrow the brand new mustang to go there. They say OK, Grandma hands off the keys and they drive off with the 17 year old boy behind the wheel. On the way back, the other girl begs and begs to drive in the neighborhood. Her parents have been letting her drive all over for the past 18 months (seriously, as young as 13 she was driving). Eventually the boy says yes. The boys and girls switch, Katie climbs into the front passenger seat, snaps on her seatbelt and they crank the radio up all the way.

to be continued

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