Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Portable DVD players....the best thing since sliced bread! The four hours in the car flew by for him.
Nintendo DS helped the boys pass the time in the hotel. We had Saturday afternoon free, and since Katie's Dad was there the girls went with him to the mall (where else?). Chris, Levi and I spent the afternoon enjoying the weather and the sights.

Waiting for the trolley
Lunching on the Riverwalk
The river

Took the boat tour

Got a little time to relax

Then that evening we all went out for dinner at a nearby mexican restaurant and got to listen to an Eddie Money concert playing in the plaza next to us.
Then Sunday morning it was back at the convention center. Here is Katie and Ashley with their Dad. We are all good friends so we do things together like this fairly often.

Waiting, waiting, waiting. Their performance is 4 minutes long. That leaves a LOT of time to sit around and wait. Yawn!!!!

It's a tradition to decorate your vehicle for Nationals. We got a lot os stares on the interstate....

Here is what the girls wrote over the driver's seat. Smexy? I have no idea. Either they can't spell or it has some meaning I probably don't want to know....... Luckily it rained that day and the windshield wipers made it unreadable.


Stacey, Mike & Adrianna David said...



Wendy said...

Uh oh, do I even want to go look and see what smexy means? Am I going to have to go all Big Chunky on that girl???

I looked. It means smart and sexy in a cute, playful way. Did I mention I love my daughter????


dana said...

That family of yours is so great, What beauties!

Michelle said...

Smexy...what a crack up. We can't say that children lack creativity!

What a crack up! I am going to feel so cool using the 'in words'! I love it!

Yes, I am a 37 year old dork!