Thursday, March 06, 2008

Casa Angelina Donations

In the past I have written about the beautiful orphanage and school we support in the mountains of Guatemala. This is a place for the kids who would be on the streets, unadoptable, thrown aside and doomed. Casa Angelina is a wonderful example of not just 'giving a man a fish, but teaching him to fish'. The children get an education, a home, medical care, dental care, eye care, and learn to love the Lord. They are changing these children's lives in a way that is miraculous. It runs completely on donations.

Recently they sent out a wish list of sorts for items they need. They are using most of the monetary funding this year to build another group home on the campus so they have little money left for school supplies, clothes, shoes, toiletries etc. I took the list and we went shopping. I now have 2 16 gallon rubbermaid tubs full of things (over 100 lbs of items). Soap, shampoo, underwear, socks, art supplies, notebooks, pens, pencils, erasers. You name, I bought it. I have had the tubs packed and ready to go, hoping I would be making a trip soon so I could deliver them myself. Instead, I am shipping them out today to another person who is going soon. A person right here in Houston, heading down to volunteer his time and talents. Thank you Rick!!!!

I have a great big smile on my face picturing those precious kids watching as the boxes are unpacked..... Life is fantastic, isn't it!


Scarlett_333 said...

How exciting! That kind of shopping is so fun :)

Anonymous said...

You know Mark and I have been there to visit and Mark went there on a mission trip in Feb 2005 to help withconstruction .
The children come first there .
Hey if you want picture's of some of the kids and the orphange to post I can send you some , just let me know
Thanks for you donations .
God bless you !

Paula Z.

Marlene said...

This is an awesome thing you are doing. It is hard not to want to go again. I am sure I will again when I am called to do so! Many Blessings!