Sunday, March 16, 2008

A day in the life of Levi

Up early (6:30 am) raring to go.
Drank juice, ate crackers.
Played Whack-A-Mole with Daddy.
Ate breakfast, raisin toast.
Helped mommy clean Steve's tank. 

Helped Mommy clean Katie's bathroom and bedroom. Was in charge of collecting all the loose change we found and adding it to our change jar. Cha-ching!
Asked 4,000 questions, to which the answer was 'I don't know'.
Ate lunch.

Picked the first strawberries. (Sorry about the blurry pic, the battery was dying) 
Watered the strawberries, tomatoes, peppermint and spearmint plants and everything else.
Got his shoes muddy (Thank goodness for Crocs)
Got more than his shoes muddy.......

Got hosed off.
Flew his airplane kite. 
Came in for a bath. 
Ran around naked smacking his fanny and yelling 'Hooo hooo hoooo.' (No idea what that was about) 
Told to put on his underwear 27 times. Finally got dressed, only later to discover his underwear still lying on the floor. Sigh.
Played Elefun until the batteries died. 
Caught some minnows and a giant polywog (tadpole) in the pond. 
Placed them in Steve's tank. Had lesson on how a tadpole turns into a frog.
Watched Steve eat the tadpole. BAD Steve! Sigh. Promised Levi we will get another tank for a tadpole.
Ordered dinner from local Mexican restaurant. Queso....YUM.
Too tired, climbed in bed before dinner arrived. 
Convinced to eat a little dinner. Three bites??? Maybe?????
Relaxed some with Daddy and conked out early.

I wish every day was Saturday.

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Marlene said...

What a great life! "I want to go there!" Just as my 2 year old daughter says, seeing a commercial on TV she likes.