Monday, March 24, 2008

Hey, where did my weekend go?

Levi has always been a really fun kid, but let's face it. He is 4 1/2 years old and there are days that go like this:

Levi, put your shoes on.
Put your shoes on.
Don't throw that.
Stop it.
Come here.
Put your shoes on.
Watch out, you almost hit me.
Don't swing that.
Put your pants back on, please.
Don't hit that.
Put your shoes on.
Stop it.
I mean it.
Where's your underwear?
Get down.

That was Friday. All day. He wasn't being bad, just being active and all boy. By the end of the day I was totally frustrated. I felt like everything that had come out of my mouth all day had been negative. I escaped to the bathroom so I could have just one minute of peace, and then the questioning started. Mom, where are you? What are you doing? (Building a rocketship out of rutababgas....duh) What is this? (then louder) What is this? (and even louder) WHAT IS THIS???? (Like I can see what he is pointing at/holding and can answer him) So much for 60 seconds of peace.

Earlier this week, he walked behind the rocking chair just as nanny stood up, and the chair rocked back and hit him in the head. Thunk! He stepped away, rubbing the spot on his head, and said, 'Wow, I didn't see that coming'.

We spent the weekend outside. I have to say my son has his very first ever tan line! Of course it's a farmers tan, but I am so proud! My littlest albino does have pigment in his skin after all! Of course, what I am calling a tan line is just the barest hint of a color change, but I can see it. There is hope for him after all! We may actually get to visit the beach someday (Don't laugh, I bought him a sunscreen full-body suit last year just to visit the water park for a couple of hours)

We had the most glorious weather this weekend. Three full days of awesome-ness. We planted flowers and bushes and cleaned out beds. We played in the yard and caught minnows for Steve to eat. We mulched and watered and fertilized and trimmed and edged and etc etc etc. Each night we were all exhausted but happy. Even Joli got in the swing of things. She may look like a little foo-foo toy but she is all dog. I gave her a bath on Friday and by Saturday evening she was filthy and had sticks stuck to her, not to mention a brief episode in the pond to leave her sweet smelling. What am I going to do with her?


Candy said...

WOW I didn't see that coming...Ok I read that to my whole family and we were CRACKING UP...girl he is TOO FUNNY

Ellie said...


'Wow, I didn't see that coming'

I oh so can see Levi saying that! Good thing he has Super Powers! Is the chair OK?

Angelena's new things is:
ME - Do you want a sippy cup?
Angelena - "no momma"
ME - Do you want me to rock you?
Angelena - "no momma"
ME- Can you say anything else besides no mamma?
Angelena - "no momma"
ME - Angelena can you say yes momma?
Angelena - "no momma"
ME- Angelena are you listening to me
Angelena - "no momma"
ME - Angelena do you have peepee
Angelena - "no momma"
Me - Angelena do you want to go bye bye
Angelena - "no momma"
Me - Angelena no say no momma
Angelena - "no momma"
ME -Angelena do you want candy
Angelena - "ok momma"