Friday, March 28, 2008

Oh No, Levi's Been Tagged

Princess D has tagged us (Levi). Here are the rules. List 10 random things about yourself, then tag 10 more people.

1) I like to sleep nakey. I always get my jammies back on before I come out of my room, though.

2) I like to wear my pants pulled up practically to my armpits, which causes my Mom to yell, 'Mrs. Loobner' and laugh. Anyone know what she is talking about?

3) I hate it when my Mommy cuts my hair, but I really like it when she takes me to the haircut place and they do it. I'll hold still for them.

4) I'm afraid of heights, but not shots. I don't cry when I get shots, even when I got 5 recently.

5) I behave very, very badly when my Mommy gets on the phone. I make sure I get her attention by being loud and naughty. Then she shuts herself in the closet and I don't like it.

6) I don't get to see my Daddy enough. Every morning I wake up and ask my Mommy if my Daddy is home. I like it best when it is a Mommy and Daddy day!

7) I have the best big sisters ever. They love to play with me and buy me surprises. They also like to teach me how to be cool and do things like 'chunk the deuce' and say things like 'butt-munch'.

8) I hardly ever eat supper. I don't like to eat much ever. When I do eat it is usually fresh fruit or veggies and cheese. Mommy says I have to eat a vitamin every day. She bought me Spiderman ones and they taste good!

9) Ssssh, don't tell my parents but I know how to turn the sprinklers on all by myself. I am a big help and watered the yard for them. I don't know why it ended up running down the street, though?

10) My doctor calls me her little Jimmy Neutron because I have such a big head. The doctor worried about my head for a long time until she saw my Daddy. Then she laughed. My Mommy says 'he has a big ol' coconut!' I am just like my Daddy!!

I am too lazy to tag anyone. If you read this, consider yourself tagged. And no yelling, 'One, two, three, not it!'. hah!

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dana said...

What a character! He reminds me so much of you at that age, only with the boy twist - scary!!
Love you!