Monday, March 31, 2008

Bouncing Back

Well, my weekend of pathetic-ness (hey, it's my blog and I can make up words if I want to!) was highly successful. Emotionally and mentally anyway. I think that taking this time to do a mental course-correction was exactly what I needed.

Jo, I don't know how you did it, but you actually made me laugh!
My mother even commented to me how that quote was so funny! Thanks. I needed that!!!

I spent the weekend doing all of the things I have to in order to keep my family running. Then I used the rest of the time to do the things I really love to do. I spent way too much money on plants (3 trips to the nursery and 3 very full van loads worth) Chris helped and we made a melon patch. We have 12 hills of watermelons and 12 hills of cantaloupe. I laid out a large bed off the front corner of the house and bought all the perrenials and some annuals to fill it, plus the soil amendments, mulch, fertilizer, etc. I bought the big metal turtle statue I have been eyeing for over 2 years. I bought a trashy novel (oh shaddup, my brain is stuffed full of serious important things every day at work. I deserve a little brain candy!) I knit a little bit. And I got into the kitchen and created! I made peach cobbler, I made ribs, I made homemade egg noodles and I have meals planned out and ready to go for a full 2 weeks. I am jealous of folks like Elle who have menus planed ahead of time and are so organized. She is my inspiration. I have one twist though. I don't have the meals assigned to days of the week. Instead I have a list and can then pick and choose as the whim suits me. Oh, you say you had italian for lunch? Well then we will not have italian tonight. I also don't have to say 'What do you want for supper' and get the usual response of 'I don't know'. I point them to the board and say Pick. Voila! And if they don't pick or can't agree? They are on their own (except Levi, who is easy anyway)
Levi was my little buddy most of the weekend, but he has also been having a really hard time listening lately. This leads to much frustration on my part and not-so-much fun on his part. We hired a babysitter for a few hours Saturday afternoon so I could go get my haircut, get some shopping done and buy groceries. I thoroughly enjoyed my time alone, even if it was doing errands. He also enjoyed having someone entertain him. He ran in the sprinkler, played with the neighbor boys running up and down the hills of dirt behind the house they are building next door (the neighbor boy's grandparents house, who gave their permission for playing on the dirt mounds) and then more sprinkler time to undo the dirt damage.
Chris got his barn all staked out now that he has the final plans. I have to laugh, though. It started out as a large metal shed and is now pretty much GINORMOUS with a 100 sq. foot covered patio and a 40x40 basketball court. There will be a full bath in it, an office and a guest room/suite. Plus room for the tractor, etc etc etc. It will also have a second story at the guest room end. We still have to get it approved by the homeowners association, but there are bigger ones in the neighborhood already. Funny, I hear the sounds of Tim Allen grunting in the background. More POWER!!!!


Ellie said...

Welcome back...

It sound you did plenty of therapy! Now, back on your track, and FULL STEAM AHEAD!

Levi maybe my Super Hero, but you are the SUPER HERO'S MOMMA~ ONE TOUGH COOKIE~!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for commenting on the quote, and I am so glad that it made you laugh and helped.
I hope that it will help others that may be dis-hearten, or having a bad day, as I think in a funny strange way it helps to answer life's biggest question's of
'Why Bad Things Happen To Good People'.
I love your blog. YOU ARE AMAZING and your home sounds so beautiful.
What wonderful therapy for you getting it together with nature. "Beauty really is all around us, sometimes though we don't see it because of the clouds".
Remember to stop and smell the Roses
Jo from South Australia

Amy said...

Happy to see you're back to your old self a bit. Retail therapy, garden therapy, whatever made you feel better, just glad it did. Here's to positive thinking this week and prayers for something on your cases!!!

Marlene said...

Wow, you have been busy! I wish it would stop raining long enough here to put out a garden. It sounds like you all have some nice weather right now. We are getting ready to build a new house and I know what you mean about husbands and their ideas. Big boys and their toys! LOL!