Tuesday, March 18, 2008

And we wait some more

I got an update from the agency for Peri Brynn. They got all the information and doctor's reports together and delivered them to the judge on Thursday (as I suspected, that was the big meeting) Now we wait. The judge can take as long as they want to make the final decision. The idea was with all the medical issues revealed, it might speed things up, but there is no guarantee. In fact, there is no guarantee the judge will rule in our favor. I did get word that the last interview with the birth mother that took place went very well. With an interpretor she was able to explain why she felt she could not care for the child and what she wished for the baby. I know some details, but that is Peri Brynn's story and not mine to share. I am proud of the birth mother though, for continuing to fight for what she wishes for her child. This has not been easy for her. She is young and scared, extremely shy, uneducated and all on her own in this. I just wish I could have been there for the interview. What a precious memory that would have been, and something I could share with PBJ.

I have been trying to get an update on Ahren's case for several weeks, but have nothing. I have called, e-mailed, called and e-mailed, etc etc. No response. You would think that after 26 months of this I would know better than to expect an update. Hah! Did you know that Ahren and Ashley share a birthday? She calls him her mini-me. How wonderful it would be if next year we could have a big two-fer birthday party. Maybe I will pin my hopes on 2010.....


Ellie said...

UG... NOw first off... Don't shoot for 2010... I am shooting for 2008! DO YOU HEAR ME???? I AM YELLING PRETTY LOUD!


As for PBJ... I love the way you are going to leave it HER story... And I love the way, you also say you are proud on her B-mother for showing her courage. I know in my heart she KNOW's PBJ will be in a better place~!


and Hang in there!

Lou said...

Wendy. I am praying so hard that the judge sees the seriousness ot PBJ's case and rules immediately! You are WAY overdue a break, but more importantly, so is PBJ(and Ahren). Girlie, I have a feeling things will start happening!!!

Angel said...

WELL..... this is good news I THINK! :0) I am saying some major prayers tonight. I am so glad things went well. Hugs, Angel

Mamita J said...


I'm so sorry you are still waiting for the judge to decide. I was really hoping he would look at the papers, talk to the birthmom, and make his decision right then and there. I pray he decides soon and you hear word immediately.

Praying for Ahren's case too. I hope they can at least give you an update, so you're not left in the dark.