Thursday, March 06, 2008

I wish I had the nerve....

Yesterday I was waiting pateintly in my car while Katie ran into a store to grab something on the way to cheerleading practice. La la la, Levi and I were happily singing along to the CD when a woman came whipping in front of us and pulled right into the handicapped spot. No handicapped license plate, no handicapped sign hanging from the mirror, no indication she was anything but lazy and taking the closest spot. She then proceeded to hop out of her car and throw her lit cigarette on the ground as she walked away. This was no kid, either. This was a fully mature woman who apparently believes the universe revolves around her. Ooooh she made me mad!

And then I noticed it. She left the window cracked on her car. Her BRAND NEW car. And that's when the idea hit me. I was going to take that lit cigarette and pop it back into her car and let her just enjoy it a bit more...... I looked to see if anyone was around. I looked for video cameras. I watched to see if the people at the desk inside the nail salon could see me. I took off my seatbelt. I was going to do it. I hoped it burned a big hole in her seat. Maybe left a horrible stench for her to enjoy. Bwah hah hah, I was evil!!!

But I couldn't do it. With my luck her car would have burst into flames, they would arrest me and I would go to jail. Oh but how I wanted to do it!!!! Stupid woman.

As for PBJ, I know her case is confusing. I spend most of my time just trying to figure it out and keep it all straight. Her case was in PGN, submitted in January 2007. It made it all the way through until it hit the director's desk. It was at that point that they saw the word 'mute' written across the birth mothers documents. You see, she was born in her village, not a hospital. She has no birth certificate. Later, as a young adult, she went to the Civil Registry to register her existence. But the Civil Registry she went to didn't have a Mayan translator, so it was difficult to communicate. They wondered if she was mute because she couldn't really answer their questions, so they wrote it on her document. I know this is true because I have spoken to the Consular General of the US Embassy in Guatemala and he spent time with the PGN director looking over our case last October.

Her case was sent to the Court of Minor's, a section of Family Court that is a higher authority than PGN. PGN is actually a government office (not a court system) that oversees adoptions. If a case gets kicked out to the courts then it is studied with a fine tooth comb. This is more like the system they want to set up in Guatemala since it would hopefully put a stop to a lot of the corruption there. If the courts approve the case, then it supercedes PGN. One strength the courts have that PGN does not is they have actual investigators that go and pull the originals of documents, interview people and dig deep. I feel confident that if the court rules our case is valid and the BM willingly relinquished the child, that it is the truth.

So we wait. She was supposed to see the gov't specialist yesterday. I will get confirmation of that later today. Then we wait some more. In the meantime, I spend my time thinking about all the doctors I need to have ready to see her the minute I get her home. We are fortunate that Texas Children's Hospital is close and that they have a large multi-specialty clinic just a few miles from our house, with a complete therapy program (OT, PT, etc)


dana said...

I dare you... so much for that wee bit of patience... Or maybe that would be tolerance... I have neither, so I get confused!

As for PBJ's case, you are doing all you can and I trust that. You have nothing to prove to anybody. Those that know you, know that you will do the right thing and know how soft hearted you are for other people. (except maybe for self centered women who park in handicapped spots, needlesly...) Keeo at it girl, I feel that we are getting close snd I have chills!
I love you!

Lilith said...

I would have slipped a note through that window telling her that next time you see it happen, you'll be more than happy to call the police!

As for PBJ's case, I admire the courage you have to continue with all that has gone on. I hope you get word very soon that things are progressing and you will be able to bring her home soon.

Any new word on Ahren's case?