Saturday, August 29, 2009

Updates, no whining involved...

We had a very tough decision regarding Levi and school this year. He has not done well in large groups and loud classrooms in the past. By not well I mean he chewed off all his fingernails, wet the bed, cried and had nightmares. And that was only half days, every other day. He lasted 2 weeks and I pulled him out. Then we found the wonderful small school he has attended for two years (and Ahren now goes to). No crying, no anxiety, he loved it! I had him signed up for Kindergarten there, but we decided to push him out of his comfort zone. Since all of the Kindergarten kids were in the same situation, it made sense to make the move now. Here is how he looked the first day of school. This is the best pic I got of him. It breaks my heart. 
Daddy took him the first day and that worked well. Mommy would have cried and then Levi would have cried and well, it would have been very bad. Daddy walked him to his class, he said good-bye and all was well. The next day he was better, and each day after that was even better. He has a boy in his class that was in his class last year so they stick together. 
Here is Kaytee on the first day trying to look like Levi and get him to laugh. Oh so sad....Not!
And here is Ahren and Holly ready for their first day of pre-school. Pack-packs loaded, slung on their backs, and smiles on their faces. The little ones did great!!!!
Levi learning to ride a bike in the living room.   Oh My Goodness......
Holly with her ornery face on. She may be the youngest of the four kids Nanny watches, but she has the spirit of a giant. 
Kaytee in her cheer uniform. Varsity cheer, dating the quarterback, all American!!!
Look at Ahren's head. He got mad because I told him No for something insignificant (meaning I cannot remember what it was) and banged his head on the floor until he made a big ol' rug burn. Nice. Right before school starts. i wonder what the teachers think.....
Levi and I spent one morning working on our laptops in the dining room. Side-by-side, clicking away. Good work was done here!
Brothers, sporting special hair-do's for a party, and loving each other. See the light spot on Ahren's head? That's where the scab fell off. Lovely.
You are going to hate me for this, but I got over 5 pounds of these shrimp fresh off the boat for $30 when we were at the beach house. They were so fresh some were still alive. Look how huge they are! YUMMO!

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Dana said...

When did miss Katie become Kaytee? Girls, they crack me up!
Love You!