Saturday, August 29, 2009

Reality Bites

UPDATE: Shortly after I wrote the post below Ahren announced he had to go potty and headed in that direction. I soon followed to provide assistance, if needed. (Is my child the only one in the world whose arms do not appear to be long enough to wipe his own bottom? This kid goes through contortions and never seems to hit the spot....) Anyway, I walked in the bathroom door to a little boy with a 'deer in the headlights' look and pee everywhere. Again. Apparently he managed to get his pants down, but not enough to Free Willy, if you know what I mean. He managed to pee all over  himself, his clothes, and the bathroom. I didn't yell at him, just plucked him off the pot and into the tub, cleaned him up, then the bathroom and the clothes. Now, in my head? I said every word not allowed on public television and a few more I invented myself.

  I have been meaning to do a really cute post comparing Ahren a year ago and now. I have wanted to upload pictures from the first day of school and tell you how it went. I have been meaning to update on many things around here that are funny and charming and cute.

 But the reality is that the past two weeks have NOT been much fun. Two weeks ago we started in on the rounds of the fever illness. For one week straight we had one or both boys in a bed with us to keep an eye on fevers and give night time doses of meds. You've all been there and it's no fun but it is what we do for our kids. Add in a weekend at the beach house with one sick kid and you know I started this week off tired. 

  Then there were 2 Open Houses, four first days of school, one very scared Kindergarten-er and issues with buses, car rider lines and schedules. It's been a hectic week. On top of that, the boys are trying to adjust to the new school routines but they are NOT sleeping. This has been a week of nightly musical beds. I swear I have slept in every bed in the house except for the dog's (maybe I would get some sleep there?). I do not do well with out sleep. I can go a few days, maybe a week, but TWO weeks is pushing me over the edge. 

Here it is Saturday, once again, and the house is trashed. There are bicycle tire marks all over the tile. There are juice stains all over the living room carpet that I shampooed just 2 weeks ago. There are ants coming in under the front porch. I need to go grocery shopping, do laundry, scrub nasty bathrooms and deposit a check at the bank. Chris is off running errands and then has to mow so I am on my own for the whole day with the two boys. 

People, this is not going to be pretty. I predict at some point I am going to totally lose my cool and blow.  I HATE that! 

The Circus is in town. I wonder if they might need a middle-aged overweight cranky woman?


Candy said...

I am with you...Loseing it over here so much that I may start homeschooling....Help I have lost it!!! So are you going to the circus???

Wendy said...

Honey, I am LIVING the circus! Who needs to pay money for it!

Julie said...

Wendy - Please don't think I'm an idiot, but would you ask Candy where KyaBlu got her "wild" custom Disney outfit? We're going to Disney in October and I've been looking for someone to make one for Libby since I lost out on an auction for her about a month ago! :( you/she can email me at I'M DESPERATE!! :)

Wendy said...

Julie - Will do! Kya always has the most awesome clothes.