Thursday, August 20, 2009

Your Help Needed

  Last week one of our doctors went to Guatemala and spent several days running an eye clinic and handing out free glasses. He has been taking donations of peoples old glasses but he quickly learned that the need far out-stripped the number of glasses he had donated to him. So I am asking all of you, if you have old glasses sitting around, please consider donating them to us for his next trip. Old, ugly, bent, scratched, whatever. Dime store cheaters, kids glasses, anything. We will fix them up and make them useable. 

Please send them to :
Child and Family Eye Care
6875 FM 1488 Ste. 300
Magnolia, TX 77354

Has anyone ever read or heard about Esther Maria, the kind elderly woman who lives in a house by the *dump and feeds over 90 children and mothers every day? Dr. Moffatt examined her and gave her her very first pair of glasses. She cried and hugged him, and then looked around marveling at all she could now see. 

*The city dump is an area where the poorest of the poor live, scratching out their survival by digging through the trash each day. Children, from the time they can walk, help the family survive this way, eating what they find. As you can imagine, the mortality rate is very high, the literacy rate very low, and the chances for escaping this life zero. 

Come on my friends, dig out those old glasses and send em on!


Phyllis said...

I just found four pairs that I'll be sending your way. I'll dig a little more to see if I can find any more.

Ellie said...

I remember see at the Thift store a ton of glass they were selling. They all reminded me of the Old black framed glasses the military would hand out. I will stop by there this weekend and see if there are more, and if they are pretty cheap, I will grab them.

Hugs and MISS You all SOOOOO MUCH~

Lilith said...

There are 5 people living in my house and all five of us wear glasses. So I know there are a bunch of old pairs laying around. I will find them and send them out ASAP!