Saturday, August 15, 2009

We've been hit by the Whine Flu!

That's right, the newest flu epidemic sweeping the neighborhood. It all started with Holly. One minute she was her perky little self, and the next her cheeks were pink, her eyes red rimmed and she looked absolutely pathetic. A quick assessment told us she had a fever. Two days of fever, non-descript tummy complaints and lots and lots of whining. 

Then today Ahren woke up, saying his tummy hurt and proceeded to make my ears bleed with the non-stop whining. He hasn't really had a fever, but you can tell something is definitely off. He isn't eating and that is very unusual. I finally made him take a nap. He fell asleep 2 minutes after he laid down and slept 90 minutes. The whining is much better now, but still evident. 

So beware everyone. The latest epidemic is the Whine Flu, which makes you want to smack some little H1N1s (hineys). I am still waiting to hear what the CDC has to say about this one......

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Deb said...

You are too funny- please stop!!!!!!!