Tuesday, August 25, 2009


  Our weekend at the beach celebrating Ahren's 1 year anniversary of homecoming was a mixed bag. First, I forgot the camera. Sigh. Then, Ahren spiked a fever that morning changing the plans. Originally we were going to go play in the afternoon with some dear friends and then take off for the beach, but infecting your friends is a no no. So we decided to head out early. We loaded the van, loaded Ahren with tylenol and hit the road. Luckily he fell asleep and got a good nap out of the trip. Unfortunately, when I went to get him out of his carseat I discovered he was blazing hot. His fever was pushing the 104 mark. 

I got him a dose of Motrin and sat him in a tepid tub to bring the fever down. Then I had him drink some cold water. Within about thirty minutes it was down to 101. Poor baby felt really awful all weekend and didn't eat at all. He said his throat hurt and his tummy hurt. I slept with him both nights (lord have mercy!) just to keep a close eye on his temp. 

Even so, we still had a lot of fun. While the meds were working and his fever down he felt better and we went to the beach, rode jet skis and fished. We discovered that Ahren is a total daredevil and kept shouting Faster, Faster on the jet skis. Chris took him and they did go fast. really fast. Chris said they hit 50 mph and Ahren was still yelling Faster! 

He also did better being away from home. We talked about it all week long, about it being us as a family at our other house,  how after the weekend we would come back to our yellow house, and how no m atter where we are we are still together. It seemed to help. He only cried and asked to go home at bedtime. That's another reason I slept with him (again, Oh My Lord!). Sleeping with Ahren is like sleeping with a wild animal. I think I woke up about 30 times the first night. He moaned and groaned and kicked and rolled around, partly because he didn't feel good and partly just because. I slept with him in a twin bed the first night and let Chris and Levi have the king sized bed. The second night I slept with both boys in the big bed and Chris got the twin. Needless to say, the parental units got very little sleep this weekend. 

Levi. Oh that boy. He is a hoot. He decided last week he was ready to ride his bicycle without training wheels. He actually took them off himself. And then he proceeded to bring it into the house and ride around the living room! (Just so you don't think I am insane, I was at work when this happened) He must be the first kid in history to learn to ride a two-wheeler in the living room, and he taught himself. In one day. He rode it so much he had blisters on his hands. We took it down to the beach house with us and he rode all over the place and never fell once. The night I slept with him his little legs would randomly pump pedals all night long. He was riding in his sleep. Silly boy!


Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

Oh no, that made me laugh. I had Genea sleep with me one night when Teena was away. The next day I said, she sleeps like she lives, which is all over the place all at once lol.
Poor baby being so sick. When we had the flu here we were all immobilized. Teena was outside playing when she came in to sit for a minute, then spiked a fever that went from normal to 103 in the span of about an hour and then she went down. It was awful!

Wendy said...

I swear we are mirror-ing each other! Maybe we should just move into one big house, complete with chapstick monsters, and live in harmony!!

Dana said...

You have such a great life, spiked fevers, no sleep and all. I am so happy for you and this past year having your son in your arms.
Love You!!

Anonymous said...

Heyy! I learned to ride a two wheeler on the CONCRETE.
Do not forget about your other(better) child.