Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Today we bring you the letter P

  Ahren has been potty trained for months. He got the hang of urinating quite easily, and finally got the poo-poo thing down as well. There was much rejoicing around these parts, because really, who likes changing the messy diaper of a large child. Not me! 

  In the past month he has started wetting his pants (not to mention the pee pee accidents involving falling over or not getting his pants down all the way). He doesn't wet them all the way, he just waits too long to go potty and ends up with a large wet spot in his pants. This has become very annoying. You can ask him if he has to potty and he will say No, only to wet his pants 5 minutes later. If you tell him to go potty he throws a huge fit. He is now consistently wetting his pants 1 to 3 times EVERY day. I am putting him in pullups for school just so the teacher doesn't have to deal with it. (Did you know they make them in a 5T size? Me either.) 

  Anyway, on Sunday, after the second accident, I had had it. He hates wet pants so I made him wear them. And then I told him he would get a bad rash, his toot was going to turn black and it was going to burn. (He can use his college fund for counseling...right?) He cried and cried, but I made him wear them for an hour. I was hopeful that this might have made an impression on him. Later that evening, I asked him if he had to go potty and he said No. I reminded him of the wet pants......and ten minutes later he peed his pants.  


Paula said...

Oh Wendy

You must be at your wits end !
Don't even know what to say .

Sending hugs !

Angie said...

Maybe instead of asking if he has to go, just tell him every few hours, "Ahren, you need to go pee right now". Don't ask, tell. I had to do that with one of my kids.

I know how frustrating/irritating it can be. :0(

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

ARGGGGGGGGHHH! So totally frustrating. Teena still does that (not meaning to depress you or anything). She dribbles all day long. Maddening. She "never" needs to go and has a big tantrum if I tell her to go. WAaaah, I don't have to go... pssssss...*sigh*. So I set a timer for every hour when she hits a stretch of peeing a lot. She has to go when the timer goes off. Then she just goes and brings me back the timer to reset. No fit, maybe because the timer is telling her to go, not me.
I had 2 soggy children this morning though, so quite likely I am not a good one to give opinion on this lol.

Wendy said...

I tell him to go and he fights me. Kicking, spitting, hitting fighting. Then I set him on the pot and he does this lovely passive-aggressive thing just sitting there staring blankly and not doing anything. I hate to go back tp pullups full time, but I am tired of pee all over the place...

Lilith said...

The way we got all three of our kids to go had to do with school. We told them if they wanted to go to school they had to use the potty like big kids. No more pull-ups or diapers during the day.

Deb said...

Bug is back to this too- he has wet his pants 3 times in the last 4 days. Mostly becuase he is too busy to stop- usually at play time.

I am trying to figure what to do- I am feeling your pain.

Love and hugs,