Friday, August 21, 2009

Glasses for Guats

Thanks everyone for the great responses. My goal is to collect 1000 pairs! The doctor wants to focus on children and women. he told me the story of a 50 year old woman whose eyesight was failing and she could no longer do the needlework that she earned her living with. He fitted her with glasses and she could see to stitch again!!! She cried, he cried, they all rejoiced because she had her livelihood back. 

Come on folks, spread the word. Glasses for Guats!!!

And now, for something completely different (said in my best Monty Python voice)

Last night was Kindergarten meet the teacher night. Levi fussed and worried all day. he wore himself out worrying. In the end, we all went, including Katie. I think that was the key. She said she went there and would show him around and introduce him to all her old teachers, and she did! He was so happy. I was so happy! In fact, it turns out his teacher is a friend of mine and she is happy too!!!

Now I am going Off-line for a few days. Tomorrow is Ahren's 1-year Homecoming Anniversary and we are heading to the beach house for a three-day weekend to celebrate. I will give full details and pix next week.


Mommy of Princess Tater Tot said...

I'll look around and see if I have any of my old glasses for this. Thanks for doing this! Just shows one more way we can help families in Guatemala. Yeah!!! :-)

Anonymous said...


I was just wondering why he doesn't want to focus on men as well? I think they should have the right to see as well.


Wendy said...

He isn't going to turn men away, but in Guat women and children are treated very badly. They are considered more like property than people. He has a huge heart and wants to help the under dogs. The men in Guat are also very, very proud and not many showed up at the clinics. They may not be able to see well, but they are too proud to ask for help. Sad but true. And, there is already a group of Cuban opthalmologists traveling the country for a year doing elderly eye care, cataract surgeries and the like, so he feels they have a team dedicated to them.