Sunday, August 02, 2009

Life is a beach!

This is the main dining area of the house. It will seat 8 people. The buffet behind it holds all of the drinking supplies apparently. (We got it furnished)

Ahren enjoys some corn on the cob. This boy can really get into his food. 

This boat belongs to one of the other owners, and after seeing him trying to maneuver it in and out of the dock (VERY tight) we think we will NOT be using it. Too scary!
Levi trying out the brand new Jet Skis while still on the trailer. He did ride them later but I didn't get pix.

This canal is full of bait stealers! They would attack our bait, get us all excited, and then we would reel in an empty hook. It still kept the menfolk captivated.
When Ahren drifted too far from our dock, Levi tossed out a fishing line (no hook, just a big weight) and reeled in the biggest catch of the day.
Ahren enjoying some marshmallows. Have I mentioned this boy can eat?
One thing we did NOT do is comb hair. Or wear many clothes. Or makeup. You can thank me that I haven't posted pix of me.....
This is our Island transportation. We rode it to the store on Sat. night to get ice cream and root beer for root beer floats. YUM!
We did a lot of this. The water is cool!
And lots of smiling.

We decided to take a walk on the beach before we left, just to say goodbye ot the beach (Levi's words).
And I was dumb enough to think a walk on the beach did not include getting wet. Luckily I had more clean clothes to bring them home in. 
And here is how they looked on the ride home.

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