Friday, August 14, 2009

I run a tight ship!

It takes a lot to keep this family on the right track. I have to run a really tight ship. There are lots of rules but they insure we are all well cared for.

I believe in a very wholesome, mostly fresh food diet.
Even though it has been horribly hot, outdoor toys must stay outdoors.
There is no food or drink allowed beyond the kitchen/dining area. Certainly never on the carpet because that could lead to stains. 
We believe in only peaceful learning toys for our children.
The kids can only play with one toy at a time and that has to be put away before they can get another one.
The little ones are not allowed to play video games, and certainly never until they actually keel over and pee their pants. 
Our kids do not help themselves to food when we are otherwise occupied, leaving big messes behind.

 And I most certainly would never, ever let anyone know that we are anything less than perfect around here, because my reputation is the most important thing to me. Ahem.


Phyllis said...

lol...that is too funny.

Deb said...

Wendy- you are my hero!!!!!

Love and hugs

Reba said...

Strangely, I could identify with SO many things on your list...I must run a tight ship too...

Angie said...

Love it!

Julie said...

too funny! I'm just starting to have my soon-to-be-four year old start helping herself to things in the pantry!! Good to know I'm not alone! :)

Dana said...

I have the same set of rules at my house - just like Mom & Dad... HA!!
Love You