Sunday, August 09, 2009


  This week flew by so fast! I am working more and more hours so my extra time is limited. Plus getting 4 kids ready for school. New shoes, new clothes, new supplies, nap mats, lunch boxes, socks and underwear, shot records, doctor signatures, and on and on and on. The paperwork makes me feel like I am trying to qualify for a mortgage not send kids to school. And since when do doctors charge to sign the physical forms? That is just wrong, especially since we paid for the physicals. 

  The girls got home from vacation with their Dad on Friday. Ashley is heading back to Dallas later this coming week so that gave me one week to get things done for her. I got her an eye appt on Wednesday, but couldn't get her into the dentist. We shopped and got her a lot of cute clothes for school. She got her tetanus shot booster last year so she is up to date on shots. I feel like I am missing something.....??? Well, whatever I miss her dad will cover. 

  We are still struggling to keep weight on Levi. He just isn't a good eater. I bought him a smoothie the other day thinking that might be a good way to sneak some extra calories and protein into him. He didn't like it. Sigh. He is six years old and can wear a 24 month size in swim trunks and they fit him. He is growing taller so that is good, but if he gets sick (which he will since he starts public school in a couple of weeks) he just won't have any reserves to fight with. That's how he ended up hospitalized for a week when he got a stomach bug.

  Ahren is none worse for the wear of this past weekends chaos. He has a little bit of a booger-y nose and has been a little whiny, but doing well. His latest thing is that he growls at anyone if they displease him. Tell him No, and he snarls and growls at you. That is going to stop! I will not tolerate him acting like that, so he gets immediate time out when he does it. So far it hasn't stopped him, but he is a stubborn kid so it will take a little while to sink in. 

  No word on PBJ. That is just like all things Guatemalan-adoption related. It doesn't make it any easier, but at least it doesn't surprise us anymore. 

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