Friday, June 27, 2008

A follow up

I will share this man's name and all associated names as soon as I have Ahren in my arms. Even though he is legally ours, and even though I have a burning need to OUT all the bad people, I also have fear. This man has to finish several things before we bring him home. Frankly, the system is set up so that the adoptive parents have no rights, the children have no rights, and the people in charge have all the power. And believe me, some of them are not above retaliation.

We went ahead and paid ONLY the fees we legitimately owed. There were some threats of not finishing our case if we didn't and frankly it just isn't worth risking Ahren to keep the moral high ground at this point. We were not asked to pay any additional 'unknown' fees, but I know many others have been hit up with these types of requests. A thousand dollars to bring in the birth mother to be interviewed, a thousand dollars for vague paperwork issues, etc etc. and no progress on the case until the fees are paid. There are no new adoptions starting and these people are getting desperate. Desperate people cannot be trusted.

So the lesson is, it is, well hell, what is the lesson? I don't know. I do know that I will continue to do everything I can to bring about change in this system. I have talked to the people at Dateline and given them info that went into their story that aired a few months ago, I have talked to people at the US Embassy, I have talked to local news stations, I have talked to individuals all over the world. Want to know a secret? It's not just Guatemala, and it's not just international adoption. The problems run much much deeper.
Thank you for listening, for understanding and for supporting me. We started this journey to grow our family never intending it to become our crusade. But hey, see a need, fill a need! And a special thanks to Ana's Mom for defending me!
Love to you all!


dana said...

As I said before, you are doing great!! The fight will come in the right time, now the focus has to be Ahren.
Love you!

Susan said...

I think I actually found your blog because you posted on one of those anti-corruption blogs. All adoptive parents (and prospective adoptive parents) have a big stake in making sure the adoption industry is ethical; I appreciate all your words (and work) on this subject.

Now go bring home that boy!

ASTRID said...

Hello I am called Astrid, seeing the page finds out me that you are the adoptive breast of Peri, I want to tell him that I am of Guatemala I am the one who take care of the baby. Thanks to God it this good very special and is very loved by my family and friends. It already takes its steps single, and it likes much to speak. Good then if it can it wanted to have but contact with you my number of telefono is 41231291, and my mail is That God spills many blessings in you and their family

Anonymous said...

de nada Wendy,

God speed in getting both children home, I lost two, so I know how hard this is. I'm thrilled to death that you are this close to home with that gorgeous child. Thank God.

Ana's Mom

Terri said...

Wendy, I feel your pain! Not only did I have to go through it with our "old, worthless" agency and lawyers but I have to do it all over again and it's worse. I can even begin to share what I have went through or am going through now. When I get Abbie home I'm thinking of writing a book! LOL! I dont even think people will believe me!

Mackenzie's Forever Family said...

You don't know me but I am partners with Julia McKenzie in Global Orphan Team. She is in Guatemala right now and is having trouble reaching someone that she said you might have the contact info for. IF you could email me at I would so appreciate it. Thanks