Sunday, June 08, 2008

Mom of the year!

You know, the other day I felt like such a failure, but today I look back at this week and all I see is greatness. Monday evening I came home, scooped up kids and dragged them to the grocery store with me. By the time we got home Levi was starving so I let him eat some gummy worms and by the time dinner was ready he wasn't hungry anymore. Gummy worms for dinner. Hey, at least they are fat-free!

On Tuesday evening, he was helping me water the plants when he announced he needed to pee. I pointed out a nearby bush and let him have at it, right there in the front yard. Human urine helps keep the deer away from my landscaping. Bonus!

Wednesday evening I was baking some Amish Friendship bread and he informed me that he fermented starter smelled like wine. How proud was I that my 4 year old has the nose of a future sommelier. 

Thursday evening I was preparing dinner when I realized I hadn't seen Katie. I called her phone and found out she was at a friend's house. She claims she told me the day before but I have no memory of it. She's almost grown, so losing her for a bit here and there is just practice for sending her off to college. 

Friday I stayed late for a party at work, tasking my dear hubby with kid duty. Woohoo! Free beer and wine. What kids????

Saturday I worked in the yard a lot, with my little helper Levi by my side. He started out with a shirt on, but shed it at some point. It was only later I realized how long he had gone topless when I saw his pink shoulders. My son's first sunburn. Nice. 

Today we worked some more in the yard, got cleaned up and then went to a movie. I fed Levi popcorn and candy for lunch at the movies. Hey, the snack-pack is the best value deal. Besides, they were out of nachos. 

I am still patting myself on the back for this stellar week of super-mommyness......


Elle said...

You are the mom of the year! My kid would take you over me any day of the year.

dana said...

You still have me beat!
Love you!

Crystal said...

Wendy!!!--- I just LOVE you!!!!!!!!! :) I can so relate to this post! hee hee! I am sooo glad to know you are human!


Krystal said...

You are so hilarious :)

Andrea said...

Hey, I let K. have cookies for breakfast, and for dinner, fed him microwave mac and cheese! :) That counts for MOY, right!?

I still think you're awesome.