Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Random stuff and junk

Chris's cake, complete with metal John Deere tractor that looks just like his real one.

One of the four little pools we had to play in, plus water guns.
The bounce house/water slide combo.
Katie's cake. Doesn't it look like something out of Dr. Seuss??
Levi's cake, keeping with the beach theme.

The party this weekend was fantastic. The weather mostly cooperated and the bounce house/waterslide combo was a huge hit. We ended up with many very tired and happy kiddos at the end of the day. I didn't get many pictures because I was just too busy having a good time! We collected about $250 for our missionary friends in Guatemala who have dedicated their lives to helping orphans there. Don't worry, levi still had quite a few presents to open and he was happy as a clam!

Chris wired the last part of our payment to the attorney in Guatemala last week, and ironically it got all the way to his bank but not into his account. He could tell it was there but not get it. Is it wrong that I think this is really funny? How's that for karmic boomerang!

I picked up buffalo wings for the girls for dinner last night. As they sat there eating, Katie suddenly gasped and grabbed her face. Somehow she had managed to splash buffalo sauce in her eye. Yikes! Don't worry, she was fine in a minute after her eye watered enough to wash it out. But I have to wonder.....how did she manage that?

Levi is officially 5 years old. My baby...wah! He used the word 'imposter' the other day, so I asked him what it meant. His answer: someone who pretends to be someone else. He scares me....

This summer, my work group has 2 interns. Two really, really good interns that are cranking out major amounts of good work. Of course, that doesn't prevent us from tormenting them. Or pulling pranks on them. Bwah hah ha hah...... work is a lot of fun these days!


Nora Glenys said...

Where are all the pictures from the party?

Cathie said...

Oh!!! you just bought one of my teenage mishaps back to mind.

Katie!!!! If you ever get black pepper on your hands DO NOT RUB your eyes. YOu'll be wishing it was hot sauce. And another thing your family will NEVER let you forget the time you got hot sauce in your eye. How do I know? Because I'm 44 now and the pepper story still is bought up at a couple family dinners every year. Your future nieces and nephews will yell out at the table watch out you don't get that in your eye auntie.

happykosmo said...

Looks like it was a blast.

Happy Birthdays people!

Vanessa said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I LOVE those awesome cakes!! Did you make these?