Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Party like it's 1999

Last Monday was Katie's birthday, the day after father's Day. Yesterday was Chris's birthday and next Monday is Levi's birthday. This 2-week span is a non-stop celebration around our house. This year I decided to throw a party. A triple-whammy birthday party.

So what kind of big party can you throw in late June in southern Texas and not kill the guests with the heat? A beach theme party! I rented a water slide/bounce house combo, a big tent, some fans, and tables and chairs. I have several little wading pools for the smaller kids, water guns, super soakers, water balloons, and anything else wet I can get my hands on. I have beach balls and decorations. There will be 3 cakes, balloons, hot dogs and chips. We will crank the AC down low and let people wander in and out at will to keep cool. Heck, if it goes really well Chris may even give tractor rides! (Let the Redneck games begin...)

I am deep into the planning, buying and organizing for this event. It is really pretty simple. Easy menu, entertainment, tent and tables/chairs to be set up and taken down by rental company, invitations were all sent via e-mail (If you didn't get one consider this your invitation now) Oh, and no presents. Instead, we are accepting donations for our friends in Guatemala who run an orphanage. (Lost and Found Ministries is their charity name and they work at Casa Angelena) They don't know we are doing this. I want to surprise them!


dana said...

I'm checking the mail for my invite! I could use a break from this heat!! What a party!!
Love you!

Diana said...

Awesome party idea!!! Sounds like alot of fun...and I also love the idea of no presents on so many levels, not the least of which is what you plan to do with the money. It sounds like it will be a great adoption diversion as well.

Anonymous said...

That sounds so fun!!! Love the idea of donating the money

Wendy said...


I am following your advice and spending time enjoying life right now, and enjoying my soon-to-expand family. I had thought about having the party after we brought him home, but it would probably be overwhelming for him. This is better and it is going to be a blast!