Monday, June 23, 2008


Levi spiked a fever Thursday afternoon, and it continued all day Friday. It ran 102-103 and was so hard to keep down even with a Tylenol/Motrin combo and cool compresses. He didn't have any other symptoms except the fever. I took him to the clinic first thing Saturday morning and he has strep throat. He felt a little better yesterday and by last night was getting back to his usual self, although not eating. That's the worst thing about when he gets sick, his little body just doesn't carry any reserves. Luckily he was drinking enough fluids.

Katie's photo shoot went really well. It lasted 7 hours and she had 8 outfits, all original designs by the wardrobe guy. There was the photographer, his assistant, a make-up artist, a hairdresser, the wardrobe guy, her Dad and her manager. I wish I had been there. Her manager said she did an amazing job. At one point the photographer took a shot, paused to look at it on his camera and said, 'Hello New York'. I can't wait to see the shots. Of course I will share with all of you (except the swimsuit shots...that would be just ewww for me to post. You perverts out there will just have to deal with it!)

New photos of Ahren. Hopefully the next ones will be taken by ME! The second pic really shows his personality. He is a delightful little imp. Oooh, I just want to get my hands on him and never let go!!!!!


dana said...

Way to go Katie!!! I knew you would just be adorable!

So sorry for Levi. Tell him that Jonah misses him and is praying he is well soon.

As for Ahren!!! He is gorgeous, it will not be long now...!!!

Love you!

happykosmo said...


Hope Levi gets back to norm quickly. He needs all the strength he can get so he can show his little brother Ahren the ropes.

Glad Katie's shoot went well. It was funny because when you were describing it, I thought to myself "She might end up in NYC"... then read "Hello NY"...(dodododo, twilight zone)! Never know, she could end up in Paris, Milan or even Japan! (all three of your girls are just beautiful) Lets hope she stays in Texas for a while!!!!

Vanessa said...

Sending well wishes to Levi!
CONGRATS to Katie!!!

Don't worry you'll be holding that sweet little man in no time!! I'm praying for you guys and i know he'll be home soon!