Monday, June 09, 2008

Ha Ha Katie!

Katie left for church camp on Saturday. As part of her preparation, she was supposed to fill out a questionnaire about herself, her relationships, etc. The counselors use these to start discussions in their small groups. 

Katie procrastinated, and waited, and ignored it, and never got around to filling it out. 

Soooo, I filled it out for her! She can thank me later. 

What do you enjoy doing?
    Eating, scratching and olympic belching.

In your free time, where do you like to be? 
  Anywhere but jail.

Who has been the biggest influence on your life?
  My mom. She is the best. I love her so much. She is the sweetest, kindest, funniest, prettiest, most loving person I know. My Mom rocks!!! She is the inspiration for me to be great. She has shown me how to be the best person I can be, and she is always there for me. I love my Mom more than anything!!!! She is the wind beneath my wings. (there might have been more ....continued onto the back of the page)

What do you want to be when you are grown up?
  Umm, taller. Older. With money. 

What is a goal you have for yourself?
  Gradiate from hi sckool

Maybe next time she will complete the paperwork herself. If not, I have her back!!!!

Mom ;-)


Deb said...

Wendy- you need to warn people not to be drinking and reading these types of posts at the same time. You are a hoot. am sure katie will recover fromt eh grilling she is going to get.

Love and hugs to you,

Marlene said...

Too Funny! You really crack me up! That will teach her to leave her unfinished business on counter tops.

happykosmo said...

HAHAHAHA - she definitely owes you big time on saving her butt!!! Maybe she can pay you back the next time you get called to jury duty or receive something from the census bureau, LOL!

Kristi said...

THAT MADE ME LAFF OUT LOUD!!! Lesson learned, I hope!!! Much love - Bamagirl!!!

Lucinda Naia said...

You had me LAUGHING OUT LOUD! What a hoot! I'm fairly certain she'll want to complete her forms next time.

Great way to teach an invaluable lesson.... way to go, super mommy!

Anonymous said...

You crack me up girl!!!! I died laughing reading that post, and the one before it. Everyday I can't wait to read your new post because I know there will be something funny in it!!!! I keep popping in everyday waiting to read that post that says, I am on my way to go and get Ahren!!!!! I hope we can all read that post soon!!!!!!!!!

Stella said...

I am totally taking parenting notes from you.

Andrea said...

You are my hero. Oh, to have a camera when Katie reads THAT one.

Love love love it! I am taking notes, too.

Crystal said...

WENDY!!!!!!--I am dyng here!!! You are just oo funny!!!! I just love you!!!!! :)

dana said...

OK, you can relax now. You have now completed all of the requirements for the "Mom of the Year" award. sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor!
Love you!

Leslie said...

OMG how funny!

Vanessa said...

Katie will forgive you one year for this...may be 50 years from now though! LOL!! Good one:)
Guatemala school book drive!

Amy said...

Way to go Mom of the year!

Terri said...

Your too funny! Thanks for the laugh!!!
Im going to become your agent and get you some gigs at the comic strip!

Candy said...

OK I AM LAUGHING MY *** Off at this your totally crack me up...I have to remember this when Kya is older

Tam said...