Friday, June 20, 2008

Lessons in Frustration

Lesson #1:

After Katie's car accident, the insurance company for the driver began working with us to settle. As part of that, they will re-pay our health insurance provider everything they paid in medical bills related to the accident. This is called a 'subrogation claim' (no idea if that is how it is spelled but I am too lazy to look it up). We are about to finalize the settlement, so I need to know what the total subrogation claim amount is and supply it to the auto insurance rep. Sounds simple, right?

First came the phone tree, one of those voice-activated ones. After repeatedly saying 'other service' and on the verge of getting a live person, someone walked into my office and said something, which the auto-directing system misunderstood and they sent my call to the wrong office. That woman wanted to help me, but ended up putting me on hold for several minutes and then forwarding me on to another person. In India. Who had no idea what I was talking about.

I explained, in short words, that I needed to know the amount of money the medical insurance had paid out so that the auto insurance company could re-imburse them. I said it slowly, loudly and carefully. She interrupted me numerous times. She then decided that since she had no record of anything I was talking about, she needed to create a new claim. For 10 minutes I answered questions. They started out fine. Name, SS#, group #, etc. Then the date of the accident, where the police report was filed, etc. Then it got bizarre. She wanted to know what my daughter's injuries were. I gave a brief outline. Then she asked me, 'Did she have bruises all over her body?'. She also wanted to know the names of the other passengers, which seat each person was in, and were any of them on our insurance. She asked many more questions, all seemingly unrelated to how much the claim would be for. I stopped answering them after I began to get a really uneasy feeling. Seriously, why would it matter how bruised she was? Freaky.

When this process was complete, she told me she would turn it over to the people who handle it and they would do their part. Yeah, I really have faith, lady. So I called the original number back, navigated the phone tree yet again, got a live person and told them this story. The poor woman at the other end was laughing so hard I could hardly understand her. 'She asked you WHAT?'

Needless to say, I am going to need to follow up on this one.

Lesson #2:

When being helpful and attempting to make travel arrangements for other people, certain very picky other people, who want you to use their favorite travel site and not yours, do not be surprised when it comes around to bite you in the derriere.

Katie and her Dad left this morning for LA. Unfortunately, when they arrived at the airport, they found out that I had booked an 8:30 PM flight and not the AM flight I intended. Doh! I got a call from Katie in which she spoke half the words above the audible hearing spectrum. It took a minute before I understood what had happened. I had to tell them to go to the ticket counter, tell the person that their travel agent is an idiot, and to get onto an earlier flight. They are on their way now and will be arriving 30 minutes later than expected. Tragedy averted. The photo shoot is all day tomorrow. Good luck Baby Girl!

Lesson #3:

PBJ's file was resubmitted to PGN, and immediately rejected AGAIN! They are demanding a second review of the investigation. The courts cleared the case, cleared the attorney of any wrong-doing and cleared the birth mother issues. But PGN still wants yet another review of the file before they will accept it. Either there is something we don't know about, or PGN is full of insane idiots who spend their days thinking up new and bizarre ways to keep babies away from families and cause more grief. I bet it's the latter of the two. At least I know I will be seeing her soon!


Mommy said...


So sorry, especially on PBJ!! What more on this earth could they need to approve this baby to come home. Absolutely beyond ridiculous.

Still praying girl,

dana said...

Wow, sounds like another bad dream...

Go Katie! I want to see her, so close...

We will keep praying on PBJ!

Love you!

Amy said...

What the heck?! PGN denied w/o even looking at it?! ARGHHH!!! I'm so aggravated for you right now. At least the other lessons weren't so bad. I hope the shoot goes great for Katie tom.

Anonymous said...

We arived 3 hours later than we were supposed to. Not 30 minutes

Wendy said...

Sorry KG, when I posted this I thought it was 30 minutes. Like I said, Fire that travel agent!