Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The weekend in photos

The hat I made for Levi's faux-sister Mina. The hat fits her personality perfectly! The brim is supposed to be rolled up a bit so it won't look so much like a chef's hat. She was too busy eating a sucker to cooperate with the modeling, though.
Yummy caramel apples. Hey, it's fruit, right?? It has to be healthy.

Chris finished the box around the playset and had 12 yards of mulch delivered to fill it.

Levi enjoyed the mulch more than the playset.

Our entry for the company pumpkin contest. We didn't win anything but it turned out cute.

This is what Levi wore to run errands with me on Saturday. Everywhere we went he said Arrrrghhhh.

We carved our pumpkins this weekend. Levi loved the 'guts' and had a blast digging them out. We washed all the seeds and toasted them. He tried one and that was it. No more. Oh well, Mommy likes them!

The finished products. Meet Goofy and Spaz, named for their creators.

Another hat for charity. I almost have the box full and ready to send off.

It was a wonderful fall weekend filled with normal family stuff. It just doesn't get any better than that!


jennifercarol said...

Yes caramel apples are healthy because they are a fruit. That is my view on carrot cake and zucchini bread...they are vegis after all.

Christina said...

Do you make your hats? they are really cute.

Ellie Puls said...

Cute Hats



and yes the Cute Levi!


BB said...

Love the hats. Your knitting skills amaze me. I have tried to knit ribbing and I always lose track of the K2-P2 pattern of stitches.

That one hat in the fun fur reminds me of the blonde fun fur hat I knitted for my balding brother as a joke. I managed to find yarn the same color as his remaining hair. That was my first project knitting in the round with double point needles.

I'll stick with shawls and scarfs if I ever get time to pick up needles again.