Saturday, October 13, 2007

She's improving!

It's hard to get a good picture of her. She tends to list to the side and she has figured out the flash and shuts her eyes as soon as I hold up the camera.

I think her color is much better and to me it looks like her cheeks are fuller.

This morning I got a smile!!! I had to work hard for it, but it was sooo worth it!

Her left side is waking up first. Last night she was able to reach out her left arm to me and open her hand.

Yesterday our attorney took the birthmom to minors court and appeared in front of the judge. Because the BM doesn't speak spanish and is terrified of authorities, she clams up. That's why they thought she was mute. Yesterday she was able to tell the judge thru an interpretor that she understood her rights and was agreeing to the adoption. The judge ruled in our favor. Now the case goes back to the director to sign off and then she is legally ours.

The Consular General of the US Embassy has drafted a letter to the director of PGN requesting him to sign off our case immediately so the child can get the medical help she needs. This is an unusual of thing. It doesn't happen very often. The embassy has shown me extraordinary compassion and been very helpful. I can only think that all the prayers, the e-mails, the faxes and phone calls caused this magic to happen. The embassy is also expediting her visa once we get the signature. She will have her second DNA test Monday or Tuesday.

This all means that we could be bringing her home in as little as two weeks. We are working on finding the perfect foster mom. Thanks to all of you who have given me good info. We are calling around to these women today to see who can take her. God bless all of you who have given me foster mother information. You can imagine how hard it is to leave her with anyone at this point. I couldn't do it if it wasn't for all of your help! I wish I could stay h ere with her, but I need to get home and make arrangements there. I left in such a rush I left a lot undone. I need to see my other kids and my hubby, set up doctor visits, set up the county early intervention program to come assess her as soon as we are home, take care of things at work and a million other things. Then I will head back down here and wait for the day I bring her home. God is great!!!!


Bekah said...

Oh Praise God! It is so good to hear that the embassy is being so compassionate and everyone is doing all they can to get her home ASAP. Hallelujah! Praying for you as you work out all the details!

Anonymous said...

All I can say is ....
Her little cheeks do look like they are getting some chub back LOL!
I can't even tell you how happy I am she will be home so soon !!!!!
Gos os WONDERFUL !!!!

Love and Hugs!!!!
Paula Z

Anonymous said...

Imeant "God is so wonderful "
Paula .Z

Shelby said...

Oh I have goosebumps. This is wonderful news.

Deb said...

Great and wonderful news. I am so happy to hear God is moving mountains. I cna not wait to hear that she is coming home. My prayers are with you as you organize the details- But GOD has gone before you and is preparing it all. Take care, have fun playing with Peri and I will be praying for you.

Love to you,

PS- is there a chance that you will be able tosee Ahren- even briefly this time- or will that have to wait? He is in my prayers too.

Auntie G said...

She is looking better.
Thank You God for answering our prayers!!
Thanks Wendy for keeping us updated on how PBJ is doing and how things are processing down there.
I will continue to keep you all in my prayers.

Krystal said...

I am sooooo happy to read this update :) Praise God for all of these miracles -- PBJ improving, the USE helping, the bmom having the strength to talk to the judge!

julie said...

WOW! I'm so glad to hear they are pushing her through for you. It's great that she reached out to you. What good news! Thanks for the emotion boost.

Praying it all works out smoothly for you and for the glory of God.

Ginger--Maya's mommy said...

Thank God that you see some improvement and that the Embassy is working with you. God is so good!!!!

BB said...

I'm turning cartwheels over this!

I'm glad that common sense prevailed and the people involved worked so hard to make it all right for PBJ.

Tam said...

What wonderful news! Praying PGN signs off immediately!

Terri Ebbs said...

Thank God!!!
I check your blog at least three times a day and I just keep looking at PBJ's pictures. She does look like she's improving and she is so lucky to have you as her mom.
I will continue to pray for you guys.
waiting for Abbie and Isaiah

ManyBlessings said...

She IS coming around, I can see it in her face and her eyes. She's fighting hard to come back. She's a tough little girlie.

I am amazed at the miracle you see unfolding over there as you work to bring this baby girl home. Powerful stuff.


Teri said...

grxbxYou devotion is such an inspiration to me as a woman and a parent. I hope she is home soon.

Sharon & Bill said...

I am so happy to hear that she is doing better! It's amazing what a little tender loving care can do for a child. She looks so much better since you have been caring for her. I hope you are home with her soon.


Mary said...

God is Good...Look at that little angel smile.Shes is precious.May god keep blessing you in bringing both your babies home...

Carrie said...

Praying for a speedy sign off. Our thoughts are with you! Fingers and toes crossed! That is the best news!

Amy said...

Praising the Lord for answered prayers for your precious little girl! Will continue to pray that she is home very quickly.