Thursday, October 18, 2007

Good news all around

UPDATE: I just got off the phone with the Consular General. What a nice guy! He told me that the judge in Minor's Court still has not released our file back to regular PGN. Supposedly they appeared in front of him last Friday and got his approval, but he hasn't signed it or sent it on yet. The director can't sign it until that happens. They said there are still questions about the birth mom and some irregularities in the statements. Hopefully soon it will get signed and back to PGN where they are ready to sign it off and get PBJ on her way. More waiting.

PBJ has a virus. That's all. Wahoo! She is also sick to her stomach from one of the meds so they have given her something for that too. She is beginning to feel much better. The foster mom is working with her to eat baby food and she is really liking it. Poor thing, one year old and all she was getting was powdered milk. No wonder she was so thin.

The Consular General of the US Embassy called me yesterday and left a message saying he was on his way to meet with the PGN solicitor to discuss PBJ's case. He was meeting with him face-to-face to request him to sign off the case immediately. He gave me his cell phone number to call him today and see how it went. Absolutely amazing! I hope it went well. I hope we get our signature and I hope we can bring her home in very short time.

I will update later once I talk to him.


Ellie Puls said...


I am so happy that is all it is...

2nd~ It is like 9:30 am in TX and Guat... SO DID YOU CALL YET????

I am dieying to here?

Or is that TOMORROW?


julie said...

Wow Wendy! That is great news all around!

Amy said...

This is great news! Praying for PBJ!

Auntie G said...

So glad that PBJ is doing better and getting something to eat.
I am eagerly waiting to hear how the meeting went and will say a prayer the outcome is good.

Corey said...

I am praying they sign off TODAY!

Krystal said...

Thank goodness that the new fmom took her to the hospital and they got her on meds before she lost any more weight! It sounds like she is in good care and she is bouncing back fast :)

Wendy, I have NEVER been more proud of the USE than I am now that I have read this post!!!!! WHOO-HOO!!!! It is so nice to see that someone is fighting with you for little Brynn to come home! Come on more good news!!!!

bb said...

Got the blog in an open window and will be hitting refresh repeatedly.

I'm glad it's just a virus. Get that child some vittles and make her strong. She is a born fighter. Who in their right mind at PGN is going to resist the charms of PBJ?

Kathy said...

Thank goodness! I hope you get good news from PGN!

Shelby said...

Oh wonderful-- good news. Still praying for those signatures!

Deb said...


I am praying the minor's court judge signs off quickly and the peri is recovering. How are you holding up? I pray that God's strength and peace are with you and covering you, wrapping you tightly in his loving arms.

Love to you,

The Allums Family said...

Praise God for good news!!!
Praying for PBJ!!!!