Wednesday, October 17, 2007

No news

UPDATE: They just e-mailed me to tell me she still has the fever and is now vomiting. The doctor gave her anti-nausea meds now too. Poor thing. I never should have left her....

I still haven't gotten the actual medical report from the doctor. I did, however, get the bill. Gee thanks. Our agency is calling them to see what is going on and how she is doing. I now have a sore throat and I am guessing she probably has it too and that is what is causing the fever. Her immune system is probably low right now and it would make her very susceptible to a virus. I sure hope that's all it is.

She missed her DNA test yesterday because she was at the doctors. They will have to reschedule it. Hopefully very very soon, but I don't know. She did get the last of the immunizations she needs to have before they will issue the visa, so that's good. (I find that odd that they would give her vaccinations when she is sick...????)

As good as it feels to be home I also feel helpless being so far away. At least while I was down there I felt like I was doing something.

Ellie has tagged me and since I don't have any real information to share, you get this. Hah!

Jobs I have had:
Food service in a retirement home
Med Lab Tech
Research Associate/Scientist

Places I have lived:
Des Moines, Iowa
Phoenix, Arizona
Dallas, Texas
Houston, Texas

Foods I love:

Places I would rather be:
Home on maternity leave with PBJ
The beach
The mountains

T.V Shows I watch:
Top Chef
John and Kate plus 8
Little people, Big world
Lots of Discovery health shows

Books I love:
Harry Potter
Medical suspense novels

I'll update later if I hear anything.


Ginger--Maya's mommy said...

Keep us posted if you hear anything!!!

Ellie Puls said...

Dawng... As Angelena would say!


angieshaffer said...

I love "John and Kate plus 8" and
"Little people, Big world" too! I love those reality shows!

Auntie G said...

Will continue to pray for PBJ. I am also praying for you at this difficult time.

Bekah said...

Praying. Poor little thing.

pbj's godmommy said...

PBJ will come home to us soon, I feel it. God Mommy is ready to spoil her so.... As for John and Kate Plus 8... OMG, I love that show, but how exhausting!!! Ya know, it's worth it though.... :)

ManyBlessings said...

Praying Wendy...

Angel said...

Still here with ya... still praying. Love, Angel