Thursday, October 11, 2007


Her little feet curl up and pull in too. She is a strange combination of very stiff and yet limp. It's so odd.

Her delight at my shot giving skills.

The great big shot I had the misfortune to have t give PBJ this morning.


Katie said...

Poor little baby - I am praying for her !!!

Anonymous said...

I'm bawling just as hard as PBJ is in those photos right now. Compared the photo of her in her little girly pink bikini during your visit in July and you can tell PBJ has dropped weight and she just doesn't look like the same healthy baby.

If you need anything, I am sitting at this computer hitting refresh and checking email every ten minutes.

Please give this child the visa she needs so she can get proper medical care and mothering!

RiAnnon said...

I am praying for your precious baby. I am heart broken that you both are going through this right now. Your baby is BEAUTIFUL, but it is so sad to see her hurting :-(