Thursday, October 11, 2007

Visa denied

Well, I got the texas senator Kay Bailey Hutchison and congressman Brady both involved, but when I went to the Embassy they told me No, not possible. We have to get final sign o ff from PGN so that she is legally ours and then we might be able to get one. Of course, when I asked if they would waive the second DNA test they said No to that too.

So tell me this, if she was legally ours WHY would I NEED an emergency medical visa?????

I lost it. I bawled like a snot-bubble blowin baby. They were very kind, the people behind the (bullet proof) window were nice. They just can't do anything.

So Plan B is now in motion. (Plan A is still a possibility if the Senator and Congressman can work the magic for PBJ) Plan B involves finding the right foster family for PBJ so that she will get the interventions she needs, the medications she needs and the TLC she needs. If I can't bring her home, then I will find the best possible care I can. This isn't the end, just a slight directional adjustment.


Donna said...

Oh no!!!!!! I was SO hoping for the visa...But we will all continue to pray for Plan A, but will also start praying for Plan B. You are doing SUCH an amazing job taking care of your daughter and staying strong!

Anonymous said...

I don't even know what to say , I am sick at my stomach right now .
I was so sure they would grant the visa.
I will continue to pray .

Sending love and hugs !
Paula Z

Anonymous said...

Is there ANYTHING we can do , can we call or email anyone on you and P.B.'s behalf ?

If so, just post it and we will all be on it .

Paula Z

BB said...

I do know what to say but I don't think the profanities pouring out of my lips right now belong on a blog.

Wendy, I am so sorry! What did "good agency" have to say about all this?

Shelby said...

Still praying for some intervention from the senator and/or congressman so that plan A will work. If not plan A than praying for the perfect FM for plan B. I am so thrilled to hear that she was not as bad as you expected. With your love and support she will mend and heal.

Natalie C. said...

I am going to contact the Senator that helped me get my son home. My e-mail address is

I will write back as soon as I hear something back.

julie said...

Oh Wendy! I'm sorry.

Okay then, I'll pray you find the very best, most wonderful foster family for PBJ. And I'll pray for you. You must be wiped out with grief.

Sending big bear hugs your way.


Kendra said...


I found your blog recently and I am so sorry to hear about your daughter. Has your agency/lawyer considered appealing to PGN? I know that the agency that we used was able to do this successfully.

My thoughts and prayers are with you.


Sarah said...

Oh, I found your blog a few days ago. I am am praying for your little girl and am so sorry that the visa did not come through. Any chance of meeting with Barrios to let her out ASAP?? Maybe DNA can be expedited and that precious PINK will allow her to come home soon.


Tam said...

I'm so sorry the emergency Visa was denied. My prayers continue to be with you.

Angie said...

I am just a lurker but wanted to comment. I have heard of people with babies with medical conditions who have gotten in and out of PGN in record time because the babies needed treatment in the US. Maybe ask your agency? Anything has to be worth a shot. Good luck. My prayers are with you and PBJ.

Deb said...


Can your case go the judical route through family court for medical reasons? I know the lawyers don't like to take it but given the circumstances, it might be worth looking into.

Also, I loved Little Bug's foster family- they loved him for 21.5 months like their own. I would happy to contact them and see if they know of a good family like them or if they are willing to be foster parents. There were 3 families with my agency waiting for an opening with Little Bug's foster family just so their child could be with a great family (based on the recommendations of the other 3 families that also had the same foster family as Little Bug).

I will be praying that congressional intervention can move hearts in the embassy and you will not need any other plan.

Love to you,

The Byrd Family said...

I heard from a friend that you need prayer. Please know that our family is praying for you and we pray that God intervenes and gets this precious baby out of PGN and home with you as soon as possible.
God Bless all of you!

The Byrd Family said...

Oops! I meant both of your babies!

minniegs said...

Wendy, I am a friend of Candy's and I know of a wonderful foster family that does not have any babies at this time. They took care of my friends (and Candy's friend) baby literally like she was their own. I was able to visit their home when I was there with my friend last year. They are a very nice family and are dying to have another baby. The attorney that they were working with no longer does adoptions. If you do not already have a FF, email me and I will get their info to you or, call and translate for you if you need me too.
my email is

Johnda said...

Your family is in our prayers, My husband and I stop by your blog from time to time, more often now to get the updates on PBJ. We need to stick together to help ALL of these children and make those important phone calls, email and faxes! I spent the day calling,faxing and emailing. And from what my senator's office stated they have been very busy with calls! Once again you and your family are in our prayers!


Anonymous said...


I'm sorry for all that you are going thru right now, but more especially, for what that little girl has had to endure. The pictures of her little hands and feet touched my heart.

I'm curious to know something, is there any investigation going on, or do you plan on getting something started before you return home in order to find out what happened, how it could have happened, or who was responsible for the brain fracture?

I would think that something of this magnitude can not be left alone. Accidents happen, however, you mentioned that she is very thin, which makes me think that she was definetely not being taken care of at all at the house she was at. Please share with us what is being done or will be done about finding the truth.

Best wishes,

Candy said...

I do know a foster family that you might like to meet...if you want there info let me know... My friend Jana had them and they are AWESOME PEOPLE. they REALLY love the babies so much. Please tell me you called Denice...she really may be able to help you.

Candy said...

Ok girl just saw Minnies post...Minnie was at the grotto get together you did not get to make it to. Really girl PBJ needs this foster would be able to feel comfortable if you had to leave her again. HUgs

Kathy said...

I am so sorry. I hope you find a good foster family to take care of her and get out of PGN soon.