Sunday, October 14, 2007

She is still doing well. She is teething and a bit grumpy, plus she is running a fever, but she is good.

We are just hanging out and spending time together. I'll have more info later.


Auntie G said...

I can really see the difference in the picture!! YIPPEE!! She seems so much brighter and looks like she is actually looking at the camera as if to say to us, "I am going to make it. I am a fighter and have a Mommy who loves me very much."

Katie said...

She does look very good -- thanks for the updates !!

julie said...

She is looking better every day!

I pray that PGN puts a RUSH on her file and gives you the go-ahead this week.

Anonymous said...

OH Wendy !!!
I LOVE this picture ,I can't believe how quickly she is looking like the happy healthy P.B.J.that you visited in July .

Paula Z.

ManyBlessings said...

Her eyes!!!!!!!!

Her eyes have a sparkle back in them!

And you can see just the tip of a devilish grin on the corners of her mouth. What a trooper!!!

Anonymous said...

Our God is an awsome God he
reigns from heaven above with
wisdom power and love our God
is an awsome God!!!!! I am sooo
happy for you Wendy. Your little
sweetie is sooo precious. I have
been following your blog and so
many prayers are being said for
you. I adopted a 3 and 1/2 year
old girl from Guat in 2005 she is
such a blessing and I want all you
paps to know I am praying for all
of you that you get your kis home
soon!! The little girl in the pic
looks so sweet. Thanks Wendy for
all your updates, I check in often
to see how things are going for you. With your heart and your strong determination and with God
on your side I just know this will
ALL work out (and with Ahren too).
Hugs and smiles.
God Bless you,

Carrie said...

Thank goodness Wendy! I am so happy to hear that. May she get the best care she can until she can come home! Wishing you a fast rest of the process to get that baby girl home where she belongs.

So glad she is doing better and will get the care she needs.