Monday, October 22, 2007

Our weekend in pictures

Tried NOT to think about this little punkin.

Spent lots of time with this little goofball.

I knit on the kids sweater I am attempting. This is the Lion Brand Lucky Stripes Cardigan kit. It was on sale and a great deal. If I screw it up too badly, I still got lots of yarn for the price!

I knit on my scarf for the Knit-A-Long I joined.

Our new Rainbow playset arrived and was set up.

We bought pumpkins (will carve next weekend so they don't rot before Halloween)


Ellie Puls said...

Has anyone told you lately...



Bobbi said...

Must be so hard to stay focused at home.

Any word on Ahren and the case? You have so much going on. Don't know how you hold up!

BB said...

Salivating over the yarn on that scarf. Your stitches are so neat and pretty.

Use those coping mechanisms and hang tough!