Tuesday, October 23, 2007

My Sister

Just heard form my folks and the fires spared my sister's homes....for now. It got as close as the houses across the street from their new house, but the firefighters were able to stop it. Fires are raging all over, so it's not over yet, but those firefighters faced the devil and won today!!!

My sister, her husband and 4 kiddos live in Escondido, California. Yesterday morning they packed up their vehicles, the kids, the pets and everything they could stuff in of importance, and were evacuated because of the fires. They had only moved into this house 3 weeks ago. There old house, nearby, has not sold yet. They have been working on it to get it on the market. When they left, the fires were very close and heading directly at them. It looks like they may have lost both houses and everything in them. They should find out more information today.

The photos in the news show utter devastation. And they think some of these were started by arson. Evil at the hands of man. I am sure if they ever catch any of the perpetrators they will be sorry and show remorse. They will claim they never knew it could cause so much harm or would get so out of control. They didn't mean to cause so much damage. What goes on in someone's mind when they do something like that? What causes someone to suddenly, one day, have the urge to start a fire and watch it burn? You get up, eat breakfast, then grab the gas can and head out for some fun? Gee, it's been the dryest year on record. I bet the whole valley would go up like a torch. Cool. I cannot comprehend the mindset of a person like that.

Whoever these people are, they have so little regard for others that it didn't even cross their minds that so many people could lose everything. Or maybe it did cross their minds but it excited them? I think about what my sister must have been facing. Trying to figure out what to save, what to leave. I hope she got the baby books and photo albumns. Important documents, etc. I know they got the kids and pets. They are staying at a church shelter right now, away from the fires (for now)


Deb said...

Wendy, I am praying that both houses are spared and that the fires are soon under control- for all the people displaced.

Love to you,

Bobbi said...

When it rains it pours!

Praying for you and your whole family. God Bless

Kathy said...

How scary for all of you. I am glad your family is safe and will pray that the fires stop and their property is spared.

Christina said...

Praying your family is spared from this devastation.

Vacant Uterus said...

Thanks for your lovely comment over at the scarf along blog! You relaly made my day.

I'm keeping your family in my prayers. I hope the fires come under control soon and that everyone is able to return safely to their homes.


Starfish said...

How very scary. Thank God they are okay for now. Keeping you in my thoughts.