Monday, October 29, 2007

Monday Monday

PBJ's file is still in the Court of Minor's. The judge has not released it yet. The foster family says she is doing well, moving more and getting stronger. She is really eating a lot and loving baby food.

Ahren's DNA and Family Court interview are scheduled for Tuesday, Nov. 6th. We should have DNA results a couple of weeks after that. I still have a feeling it's not going to match. I have had that feeling ever since the time he was about 2 months old. I really hope I am wrong!

Saturday morning we heard a knock on our door and opened it to find another Rainbow playset being delivered. I'm glad we were home or we might be the proud owners of 2 identical playsets. I'm sure the assembly guys would not think twice about setting one up right next to the first one.

This weekend we carved pumpkins, roasted the seeds, made caramel apples and enjoyed the beautiful weather. Levi has tried on his costume 20 times. He still comes up with new ideas every day on what he wants to be for trick or treat, even though I told him he is stuck with the costume we already bought. Katie has cheer practice that night so it's going to be a scramble to take him out around the neighborhood, hand out candy and get her to and from the gym. I went to the parent's cheer meeting last night where we learned how to do the hair and make-up. Essentially, it involves lots of bouncy curls and enough make-up to make a hooker cringe. It's funny, though, when they get out on the floor the make-up looks right. Oh, and glitter. Lots and lots of glitter. Joy. During competition season we all wear glitter. It ends up everywhere!

This week marks the 2 year anniversary of when we first signed our adoption paperwork and officially started the process. Two years and Zero kids. Who'd of thought.


julie said...

Ah Wendy,

I wish you had better news than this.

Praying for PBJ and her file.

I'm praying you're wrong about the DNA. We'll just have to wait and see.

And I'm so very sorry you are facing this incredibly tough anniversary. I'm sending great big bear hugs your way. May you hear very good news this week to offset a little of your pain.


Deb said...


I don't know what to say. Those dang judges in minors court are always holding on to the files- they need to get a clue on what they are doing- COME ON judge sing the file already!!

I am sorry to hear your worry about Ahren's DNA test. I will be praying for it and for you.

There are no words I have for you that will make this time easier. I am praying for your situation and your heart.

Love to you,

Stacy said...

Two years, huh? Seems familiar.

First, I hope PBJ is OUT faster than fast. What are they waiting for? Can the US put any more pressure on them?

Second, I know it sounds very stupid to say "think positive" about Ahren's DNA. But I see all those other families who think positive and they say it helps. So let's all just THINK POSITIVE for you, that the test WILL BE A PERFECT MATCH and everything will be PERFECTLY FINE. (Eventually. Even if it took two years to get to this point.)

Melissa said...

I'm glad to hear PBJ is doing better. I am praying her file will be released and she will be out of PGN very soon.

I hope you are wrong about Ahren's DNA. I will pray for that situation too.

Donna said...

Oh - i can't imagine the nerves of waiting for that DNA test, we'll certainly be praying for a match!
Sounds like you had a really great weekend with the family....sure hoping for good news and "movement" in both your adoptions!