Friday, September 03, 2010

Two weeks as a SAHM

I am now officially two weeks into the school year and two weeks into this SAHM gig. (SAHM = stay at home mom) Work is begging me to come back. Seems that even though I turned in my notice more than 7 weeks ago they have not hired anyone to replace me. That means they have lost over $4000 in the past two weeks from having to cancel therapy. So I have made a deal with them. I will work 1-5 pm weekdays and the kids will go to a new play care center nearby. They are supposed to be hiring someone and I will train them, then hopefully I will have more flexibility with my schedule.

This will allow me to work with the little guys in the morning (Seth is so close to learning to read, he is really motivated to learn. ) I will make a little money and have some interaction with adults. The care center picks Levi up from school and will help him with homework and I will pick them all up at 5 pm each night. That gives me time to cook dinner, pack Levi's lunch and backpack for the next day and still not be stressed out. I think this is going to work.

Now, to all of you who told me I would not be bored being at are soooo right! I am LOVING it! In addition to having time with the kids, I have been tackling special projects. I just finished re-doing the boys bathroom. It still had the nasty flat builders paint which showed every greasy fingerprint, toothpaste smudge and vestiges of the purple-foam kid soap debacle from a couple of years ago. I re-painted it with a durable semi-gloss in a lighter color, re-caulked the tub and toilet, put up new towel bars and tp holder and got new towels, shower curtain and decorations. I also scrubbed and bleached every square inch. Man are boys pigs. Little urine spraying pigs. Little trash-can missing, splat on the wall pigs. Little black ring in the tub pigs. I figure it will look (and smell) good for at least a day or two!

My next project is to re-arrange the master bedroom, clean out some junk and make room for the treadmill to go back in there. I have been taking the boys and puppy on a walk each day, but the treadmill will be my backup for days like today which are stormy. Wonder if I can teach Buster to walk on it? I think I will try!

I also have to admit that I have managed to watch the first 5 seasons of Weeds (the Showtime show) over the past two weeks. I am addicted to that quirky show. There is something so charming about a beautiful single mom who deals weed to pay the bills. It totally cracks me up. The only weed I ever have dealt with is the kind that I hit with RoundUp in my flower beds.

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