Friday, September 17, 2010

The simple frustrations

My biggest frustrations in life used to come from my career. Screening hundreds of genes to see if any had an effect on the protein levels in a disease state. Screening knockouts of genes to determine if there were hidden start codons that could lead to secondary transcripts. Determining the copy number of genes in animal models. Trying to come up with something that could lead to a breakthrough treatment for a devastating disease.

These days my frustrations are much simpler and more personal, and yet in a way possibly more important. I always like to think that in ten years when I think back to this time, I never would have remembered one experiment or gene sequence, but I WILL remember the time I spent with my children helping to grow them into wonderful people. It would have been nice to find a wonder drug, but I am creating some wonder kids.

So, speaking of simple frustrations, the car rider line at the elementary school is at the top of my list. Every year, they hand out maps of the car flow, post signs all over the campus, send home letters and e-mails detailing the correct flow and even resort to hiring police to direct the flow. And YET, some people just do not get it. It's not just that it disrupts the flow, but it causes dangerous situations. The other day I was in line and just as it became my turn to turn left into the lane, a large SUV came flying past all the cars in line and missed us by a fraction of an inch. I slammed on the brakes, the kids all snapped in their carseats, and the poor puppy went flying. (Note to self, get doggy seat harness) The stupid SUV just kept going. (Little Wendy unleashed a torrent of obscenities and wanted to chase the &$$# down)

Then there are the golf carts. Yes, we live in a golf course community and the school is right there in our neighborhood, making it convenient to use your cart to drop kids off. But people, obey the traffic laws, don't drive between cars, don't pass on the left and for heaven's sake do NOT let your 5 year old drive the cart! I live in fear that I am going to kill someone accidentally. Oh, and if you have younger children, do not plop them on the rear seat without seatbelts and then charge off. There is one cart where there is a small child in diapers hanging on the back every morning. If that child slips and falls off she will land right in traffic, not to mention possible broken bones, brain damage or worse. I want to smack that father every time I see them.

The school has been begging for volunteers. I am thinking that a good use of my time would be to sit out in front of the school each morning with a paint ball gun and 'teach' the rule breakers and idiots a lesson. Kapow! I have just marked you as a moron. Bwah hah haha hahahahh.

Somehow I don't think they will go for it........


Shelby said...

I am right there with you on the car rider line. It makes me nuts every morning and afternoon(when I get to pick-up then). I actually told one of the teachers I was going to stand in a certain spot and stop people. She chuckled and told me she would get the principal to go down there and do what I really really wanted to do... Take away all my fun!!

Reba said...

At my school, we are very clear about the smoothest and safest way car rider line can go. Yet there are always people who are "above the rules". It puts the school in a bad position (don't want to be a bad guy) and causes issues for others. At the same time, even when the parents are reminded of our rules, nothing changes. I always wonder what that is teaching the kids about authority?